Welcome! You and your fellow collectors decided (independently) to take the treasures of the museum for your own collections. After making it past all of the guards, cameras and traps into the treasure vault of the local museum and now must steal the treasures before the other Collectors can. To do this you must use information, deceit, and clever actions to make off with the treasures you want. You will find that there is truly a night for Collectors and Capers.

Collectors and Capers is a set collecting bluffing game for 3-6 players where players must use treasure and action cards to steal Treasures from the museum that match the secrets each player chose at the beginning of the game. When all of the Treasures have been stolen from the museum, the players must steal from each other if they want to end up on top!

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Designed by Trevor Harron
Art by Nayaki Anadan
And many thanks to our wonderful backers:

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