Eminence Grise


Players: 4-6, Time: 40-60min, Ages: 13+

The Monarch is dead and the nobles of court must decide the next Monarch. Being upstanding nobles however we must only help provide claims for their fellows instead of themselves but this does not mean that bribery is out of the question. Support, Betray, and negotiate your way to victory!

Eminence Grise is a social-collusion, partial information, negotiation game of court politics and shifting alliances. In Eminence Grise there are two winners the Monarch who has the most Crown points and the Eminence Grise who has the most of the monarch's influence. Players play Crown cards to either support or betray their rivals and players negotiate with their influence to score Crown points. Players can also play intrigue cards to better support, detract, or understand the political situation better. 

Do you want the Throne or the Power?