April, May, & June Newsletter

For the past few months we at Blue Heron have been working through a number of exciting projects and changes and today we are excited to announce some of them today.

While the past 3 months have been quiet for the most part we wanted to take some time to appreciate everyone who visited us at the Seattle game festival iFest. iFest was a small 1 day event celebrating games and we were happy to see so many people interested in our games on display Affectionate: Cats and Cuddles and Collectors and Capers. 

We will be at several different events in the coming months starting with the Curiosity Days at the Pacific Science July 13th- 15th (https://www.pacificsciencecenter.org/curiosity-days/). These days are to help teach people about how games are made, what they are, and what they can do and we are proud to be presenting a booth all day July 15th. After that we will also be at Dragon Flight (http://dragonflight.org/) at the Bellevue Hilton August 24th-26th and finally we are returning to PAX Unplugged in November 30th - December 2nd (http://unplugged.paxsite.com/)! As a note, tickets for PAX Unplugged are still available and as a whole event it is a great experience.

In addition to these events, we are making a return to Playtest Northwest playtesting in the greater Seattle Area. we are trying to attend more events in the next several months and will keep you updated on any more events that may be in our future.

The next exciting set of news is that we are working on an advanced version of Affectionate Cats and Cuddles as well as a expansion! For the advanced version of Affectionate, we are introducing some of the furry friends that helped inspire Affectionate but can also be played with the original game. We are working to keep the core idea in Advanced Affectionate, that it is a sweet simple game but want to add a new mechanic to help add interesting choices during gameplay. This idea is designed to keep things interesting as you play and maybe teach or learn a new mechanic that is used. The expansion for Affectionate continues to build on this and will give more strategic challenges for experienced game players to enjoy. To stay up to date on the news for both of these editions please follow the Affectionate: Cats and Cuddles Facebook page. Affectionate is also on Board Game Geek and please feel free to share your photos playing, ratings, and thoughts on the Affectionate page (you will have to have a Board Game Geek account to post onto the page).

We are also continuing to work on Who Wears the Crown and are starting to work on finalizing the rulebook and do some blind playtesting. As part of this blind playtesting we will also begin to reveal the new artwork that the talented Kaitlyn Castellow has done. We will set up a version that can be played on Tabletop Simulator and if you are interested playtesting please like the Who Wears the Crown? Facebook page as well.

Finally, we had a successful demo night at Meeples Games where we demoed Affectionate: Cats and Cuddles as well as Collectors and Capers. It was great to see fans of these games and to teach new players how to play these games. Thank you everyone who attended and helped make this demo night possible!

I know that this is a small list of what has been going on for us but rest assured we will get back into the flow of posting more regularly as well as keeping you in the loop on all of the new things that we work on. Until next time!