March Newsletter 2018

Hello, fine feathered friends!

It has been awhile since our last newsletter update and we have a number of exciting things to talk about!

We were at Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle, Washington and it was amazing. It was great to see all of you who visited our booth and supported us while we were there! While we were there we sold Collectors and Capers, Affectionate: Cats and Cuddles, and our dice trays and met some wonderful people. Emerald City also gave us a number of ideas for new games to work on and has energized us for the coming month.

Affectionate: Cats and Cuddles has been well received since its release in November with over 150 copies currently in the homes of families across the United States. Currently, we are looking into getting Affectionate into stores and trying to find more events to show it off as well as game awards to submit to. If you have any suggestions for awards or stores to contact please email us at

Collectors and Capers was recently on Hyper RPG as part of their weekly board game segment and was praised for its gameplay flow and ingenuity. We are happy that Collectors and Capers is reaching a broader audience and is being enjoyed. With this in mind, we are working to create somehow to play videos as well as some expanded rules for Collectors and Capers for additional strategy and gameplay. We are also working on getting some demo events for Collectors and Capers set up so more people can learn about it.

Who Wears the Crown? is still in development and moving along smoothly and we are working on some final pieces of the design to make it as elegant and fun as possible. We are also working with a Seattle based artist Kaitlyn Castellow for the art for Who Wears the Crown and we are happy with her work so far and cannot wait to show you all the final artwork. We are also entering the final stages of playtesting and are excited to see the results of this playtesting!

As for what is next, we will be at game developer events in the greater Seattle area and planning for the next several conventions and keep you updated on any upcoming events via Facebook and our Events Page. You can also join our discord chat at this link to talk about the upcoming games or questions you may have.

Thank you for all of your support and we hope to see you in the near future!