The Start of the Kickstarter Experience

After many conventions, play testing sessions, and iterations of design (and many late nights) Collectors and Capers is ready for the final stages of development, a Kickstarter and Production. Before this first post I (Trevor Harron) have been researching many different manufacturers and have been getting familiar with Excel/Google Sheets to determine the manufacturer I will use and will post about that process later. First though let me give you a small introduction into Collectors and Capers.

Collectors and Capers is a 3-6 player bluffing game I starting working on for over a year now. Since I wanted there to be a few components as possible and to make it simple for those who don't play games on a consistent basis. The final spec then looks like 120 cards with a box and rule sheet.

In trying to get ready for a Kickstarter there were a few things that I realized a few things needed to happen:

  • The game design needed to be complete
  • The art should be complete
  • I need a manufacturer lined up

So the first thing that needed to be tackled was design and that process is game play iteration and revision. This is a VERY simplified description of the design process and I will have a post about my process at a different post. The second thing I could tackle by involving the artist early on especially since I had a vision of the artwork. The third item however is the most difficult.

There are a lot a manufacturers out there in places ranging from Poland to the U.S. and to Hong Kong. In trying to pick a manufacturer I looked for a few things. One was obviously quality for a good price that could allow me to at least recoup my costs. The second was a good level of communication in terms of response time and English skills. Third I wanted the manufacturer to help with fulfillment as well to minimize the number of moving pieces. With the recommendation of Billy from Liminal Games who have a great game and successful Kickstarter I have decided to go with WinGo Industries Ltd.  With working through them I have for the most experienced great service and am happy with their pricing. This process started 2 months ago in preparation to for the campaign. With this final pieces almost in place I can focus on building press!